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Photos below…but firstly some thoughts on the Philippines:

* White foreigners are called ‘Joe’. We were constantly hearing cries of ‘hey Joe’!

* Colourful Jeepneys and motorbike taxis.

* Poor food. Jollibee was the favourite of the awful fast food joints.

* Poor people. There is a lot of poverty and many people living rough in the cities.

* Colourful – everything seems to be brightly coloured.

* Boats – many boats…required in a country of over 7000 islands.

* People are small and seem to be getting ever fatter. Not surprising with the awful diet.

* Large spread of mobile phones which are heavily used for Facebook and YouTube. Also texting.

* Inefficiency – There are always so many people doing pointless jobs. It took me one time nearly 15 minutes and 6 signatures to change 50 Euro!

* Loud – cars, people, music…..

 * 1CHF = 46.8 PHP

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