How to Sell a Car in Switzerland

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Financially there are clear advantages to selling a car privately. Whether it is worth the effort of doing so is a decision each individual must make. To sell my VW California took around 7 weeks and I had 4 different people come to look at it before finally a buyer was found.

From my experience the most serious interest came from autoscout24 and ricardo. The latter is even free which makes it a good option.

Once the price is agreed between buyer and seller then a contract can be signed (a template available on autoscout24) and a bank transfer for the full amount made. This can be arranged to arrive the same day. In my case, once these 2 steps had been done, I accompanied the seller to the Strassenverkehrsamt where the cars document was stamped as being invalid and the new ownerr purchased temporary number plates valid for 24 hours. These cost 61 CHF (in Zug) and must be then posted back the next day. This means the original owner can then remove his plates and is no longer responsible for any traffic offences. On returnng these to the Strassenverkehrsamt the insurance can then be stopped.

All in all quite a simple process!

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