How to Import a car from Germany to Switzerland

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Required documents are:

  • Rechnung or Kaufvertrag
  • Fahrzeugausweis – In addition for cars with German plates the Zulassungsschein
  • EG Übereinstimmungsbescheinigung – CoC – This is later needed for Zulassung in Switzerland.
  • ID – Passport or Identity Card
  • Ursprungsnachweis (eg EUR 1) – With this it is possible to avoid paying the extra customs duty.
  • Electronic and printed e-dec form.
  • Ausführkennzeichen and Insurance
  • Ausführbegleitdokument (ABD) – Should be obtained from a customs agency to confirm the ability to export the vehicle from Germany.
  • A contract to confirm the repayment of the VAT from the seller.
Items to pay
  • Automobilsteuer – This is 4% of the purchase price
  • Mehrwertsteuer – VAT – Currently 7.7%
  • Prufungsbericht –  CHF 20 – This report confirms the correct import and is required by the Strasenverkehrsamt.
  • CO2 – A campervan is excluded from the CO2 law which came in on 1 July 2012. Im CoC  (EG-Übereinstimmungsbescheinigung) muss dafür in Pos 38 oder 51 “SA” für Wohnmobil vermerkt sein.
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