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Hong Kong

It was only whilst travelling through China, that I came to learn that Hong Kong is much more than a large metropolis. Although I had spent time there previously, I had also not ventured much out of the concrete jungle. So whilst on the way back from Hanoi, I booked my return flight to give me some time to explore – I had 11 hours from lunchtime on a day in late April.

From the airport terminal I caught the local bus to Tung Chung and from there walked along a quiet road by the motorway to just before Tai Ho Wan reservoir. From here I crossed the motorway and headed up to Wo Sheung Tung which is 465m above sea level. There are some lovely views only limited by the general haze or smog which always seems to hang over Hong Kong. From here it would have been possible to hike back a different way to Tung Chung, but as there was plenty of daylight and still time before my departure, I hiked down to Discovery Bay. Down at the beach there are many bars and restaurants and a small community center. It seems to be a popular place for expats and airline crew to live. I had a great burger and beer in one of the western style pubs before catching a bus back to the airport.

This had been a perfect break to the journey and I was now suitable tired to sleep well on the long flight back to Zürich. It was also fun to see a totally different side to HK and experience something that most tourists do not do. The trails here seemed to be only used by locals out for some hiking or dog walking. Logistically it was not so difficult and with the many bus options at the airport, I would definitely try another multi hour hike next time I have a few daytime hours in HK.

Just be aware when excitedly getting off the bus to remember that traffic here drives on the left!

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