Bike Transalp Packing List – 2.8KG!

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The following packlist has been refined over many years of bike tour experience in the Alps. It is valid for any tour from 2 days to infinity and is based on accomodation in huts / hotels / guesthouses i.e where no camping gear is required. In addition to this comes water and some snacks – the amount of these will depend on the availability of refuelling points / shops en route.

Great savings can be made with a lightweight rucksack (Exped is unter 250g) and by putting as much weight as possible in a seat / frame bag. I do not however recommend a bar bag as these affect the weight balance and steering too much on a mountain bike trip.

Bike clothes / Bike Weight Type Wearing Rucksack Bike
Shoes x   830    
Socks x   36    
Bike Shorts x        
Biking Top x   168    
Water Bottles x 1 large bottles 85    
Helmet x   290    
Gloves x Short Finger 28    
Sunglasses x   30    
Rain / Cold Bike clothes Weight Type      
Windproof Cycling Top 86        
Goretex jacket Paclite 250        
Gilet 108        
Goretex Pants Long 178        
Long Tights x North Face (evening wear)      
Hygiene Weight Type      
Toothbrush 24 With case      
Toothpaste 32 20ml      
Dental Floss 16        
Sun Cream w lip balm 52        
Moisturiser 30        
First Aid Kit 160        
Survival Bag / Dreiecktuch 80        
Hankys 20        
Shower Gel 0        
Bike Stuff Weight Type      
Tube x Schwalbe Extralight     220
Tube 2 x       100
Salami Set x       58
Sidewall patch x Lezyne Kit     6
Multitool x Lezyne      110
Gaffer Tape 8        
Pump 94 Lezyne      
Lock 50 Micro      
M5 Screws 6        
Gear Cable x       18
Chain Quick links 2        
Oil 58 F100 50 ml      
Cable ties x 3     4
Spare brake blocks 22 2 pairs      
emergency spoke x Kevlar     16
Cleaning Rag 24        
Puncture Repair Kit 24        
Mech Hanger x       32
Bike Bag 178        
Evening Clothes Weight Type      
Socks Eve 30        
Swim Shorts 122        
Buff 32 Gecko      
Underpants 58        
Evening Trousers 172 North Face (Bike wear if cold)      
Flip flops 94 Chinese      
Evening T-Shirt 132 Grey Merino      
Long Sleeve Warm Top 172 wooly top also for biking.      
Other Weight Type      
Gel / Chewy Bars x Enough for 2 days      
Hydration Tablets 76 12 tablets      
Mobile Phone x including plastic cover     186
Headphones 24        
Wahoo GPS x       64
Wahoo Charger Cable 8        
Samsung Cable 14        
Charger 40 Quick Charge      
Credit Card / ID Card / Cash 40        
Bike Rucksack 248 15l Exped      
Waterproof Rucksack Cover 0 Waterproof Rucksack      
Camelback Bladder 76        
TOTAL 2840        


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