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Cycle Touring

Discovering the world on 2 wheels. The perfect pace to travel!

Van Life

Luxury camping and freedom on 4 wheels. Work and play from the comfort of a second home..


Cycle touring with a motor! Perfect for covering large distances whilst keeping close to nature and the local people..

Property Investment

What better way to pay for your life than with passive income from property. In addition you can be reassured that inflation won’t eat away at your asset values.



UK Property Investment

Need more details? Please contact me for further information on property investment in the UK. This is the perfect way to financial freedom IF you know what you are doing!




Favourite Cycle Touring Locations

With the whole world to choose from, these are my favourite places for a cycling trip...


Europe is a treasure trove for the cyclist. There is so much variety of terrain, climate, people and cultures. In just a few days it is possible to cross several countries, taste totally different foods and encounter a mutitude of different languages.



A culturally fascinating country, Japan offers many quiet roads, spectacular scenery and intersting places to explore. Low crime and courteous drivers rounds off a fantastic touring destination.



Off the beaten track! Rwanda has a large number of local cyclists , smooth asphalt and decent cuisine. It has the added bonus of being a low key safari counry too.



Good vibes, music, friendly locals and great weather guarantee the basis of a fantastic cycling holiday. , Add in the option of lovely casa particulares and the quiet roads and you will see why Cuba is also perfect for cycling.

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